Corporate Safety

Health and Safety performance recognition for your company

Certificate of Recognition (COR) is an incentive program that recognizes companies who develop and implement health and safety and injury management systems that meet an industry standard. With proven experience and expertise, our CRSP accredited Corporate Safety Advisor is committed to developing Health and Safety programs to ensure your company meets legislated requirements.

COR Safety:

  • Identifying, eliminating, controlling, protecting and minimizing the impact of workplace hazards.
  • Take the industry code into account and provide legislation specific to your industry.
  • Develop health and safety management systems that meet established standards.
  • Maintain a strong safety culture within the company through the commitment to follow all safety rules.

COR Benefits:

  • Over time, with reduced injuries and lower claim costs, a COR company‚Äôs experience-rated premiums will reflect additional savings.
  • Many general contractors require subcontractors to have a recognized safety program in place as a pre-qualification to bid on projects. COR meets that requirement.
  • Effective health and safety management systems have proven impact on reducing injuries. Eliminating the social and financial effects of injuries can strengthen your business success.

A COR recognizes that the employer’s health and safety management system will be evaluated by a certified auditor and found to meet Partnerships standards.