First Nations

Creating Strong Contemporary Governments on the Foundation of Traditions

First Nations Band Management

Our contract band management has a broad understanding of issues affecting First Nations people and their communities. This collaborative team member is accountable to the nations members and council. Providing advice, leadership and strategic planning, this member will deliver strong business practices with added expertise in policies, procedures and development, implementing work plans to ensure programs meet identified requirements and long term goals and objectives. Prioritizing the communities needs, demands and interests, your contract council member will bring vision, respect, understanding and expert contribution to decisions for the best interest of your aboriginal community.

First Nations Governance

VdM Consulting Group supports First Nations as they develop effective self- governance. We are a trailblazer in this field, dedicated to First Nations governance, by creating a strong contemporary governance on the foundation of traditions, policies and procedures.

Policies. Procedures.

VdM Consulting Group provides practical guidance for newly elected Chiefs and Councillors of First Nations Councils. In addition to providing an overview of First Nations governance the policies and procedures explains the Council roles and responsibilities, the job of the Chief, the Council’s legal environment, and the Council’s relationship with community members, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, and other stakeholders. Includes a primer on the Indian Act, and rules of procedure for conducting Band Council meetings.

“Aboriginal people want greater control over their lives”

Contract Band

During a time of transition, we execute a leadership role within your First Nations business unit as interim CEO. Undertakes to act in the interest of the band, respectful to tradition, culture, written rights and laws, our interim CEO will develop strong relationships between and amongst Aboriginal Peoples, governments and corporations.

Making decisions requires a deep understanding of all aspects of business, as well as a clear vision. A skilled communicator with experience in dealing with budgets, allocating resources, collaboration and leadership, our qualified interim CEO will become a key driver of growth, opportunities and well-being, thus setting the stage for success in your band.

“Determined efforts to rebuild contemporary governments on the foundation of traditions”

Let Innovation Drive Governance