Project Management

Efficient Project Management to Drive Business Performance

Project Management

Many businesses hit a “wall” between their actual state and the state of success. It is mainly due to a lack of focus, planning and processes. Our consultant understands business and will implement tender process, management development, negotiate, support, manage effective contracts, create contract goals and resources.

Project management execution will increase your business performance, to a sharp competitive advantage.

inspectionBid Package Preparation

Creating a successful comprehensive bid package relative to the project you wish to win. Our expertise will review the skills and qualification requirement, realistically address each and every point thoroughly for invitation to bid, including: project plans, synopsis of the project, breakdown of pricing, detailed specifications, timelines for completion, background information, contact information, information about potential delays.

inspectionProject Execution

The project execution phase ensures that all the necessary resources are in place and the project team is ready to perform the project plan. It will include the strategy for managing the project, describes the policies, procedures and priorities that will be implemented to ensure the planned project activities are carried out in effectively and efficiently, ensuring the project plans, specifications, project feasibility concept are collected using best practices, experience and methods.

The project team and the project manager will implement the plan and ensure the project is followed through with performance checks of the work being done. Keeping to the plans development as documented in the planning phase, the team and manager will monitor the plan execution and provide feedback, corrective action plans, with change requests.

inspectionInspection and Test Plans

Providing a systemic approach will be provided to testing the system or product

inspectionProject Specific Safety Plan

Customized site specific safety plan that provides a complete and comprehensive document comprised of all the fundamentals that make up the requirements to implement and control an effective safety management plan for new and existing projects and systems.

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